9 areas of personal development.


Here on DarLook Blog I will write posts connected with the following areas of personal development:

  1. Spiritual area.
  2. Self-awareness area.
  3. Skills, personal strengths and talents area.
  4. Career area.
  5. Lifestyle and quality of life area.
  6. Physical and mental health area.
  7. Social relations area.
  8. Emotional intelligence area.
  9. Financial intelligence area.

I have chosen the above areas because I believe that they are the most important.

The titles of my posts will include the information about the area of personal development described in this particular post.

Jesus Christ – my King. (Spiritual development area – part 2.)

Jesus Christ is my King. Jesus is worth my praise and my respect. I trust Him. I give all my life to my King. He knows what I need.

He really knows me better than I know myself. Jesus allowed to be killed, He did it to let me live. 

I chose Him as my King – I did it consciously and without His pressure on me. 

He is the Lord of my entire life because the King must reign. His reign is not similar to the reign of earthly kings. His reign is the reign of love.

He takes care of me, He does it with His love. He knows all my suffering, He knows my deeds, my thoughts and all I am.

I trust my King, He will not leave me. He proved it by His death on the cross.

His reign is eternal and has no end.

When I fall down, I can always come back to His love. I can do it by confessing my sins to Him in the sacrament of confession. 

My King gives me real freedom, He does not force me to anything. I can choose: good or evil, His reign or the reign of a sin. I am a free man in this world where true freedom is so rare.

Reign in my life, my King, my Lord, my Jesus.

Dariusz Łukasik 

Balance in life and its influence on YOUR life. (Lifestyle and quality of life area – part 1.)

Author: Dariusz Łukasik

What will you read about in this post?

You will read here what I think about balance in life and I will write about how maintaining this balance influences one’s lifestyle and quality of life.

What is balance? Why is it important?

Balance in life – in my view – is maintaining appropriate proportions between various elements (activities) of our life. Everyone has an influence on maintaining this balance – we should look at all activities we do during our day and then we can draw conclusions to improve our lifestyle.

The main elements of people’s daily life are the following: career, rest, eating, sleep, prayer (in case of people who believe in God), developing interests, time spent with a family and friends.

Benefits of maintaining balance in life.

If you look at your lifestyle and activities you do in your day, you can state that you are pleased wih your lifestyle or not. If you are pleased, all is all right, if not – you can gradually make changes leading to a better lifestyle and – if you are determined enough – you will improve the current situation.

Here is a list of benefits of maintaining balance in life (you can think of other benefits which are not presented in this list):

  1. You have a feeling that your life is not overwhelming you.
  2. You can say that you have time for things you like doing.
  3. You have a feeling that you live consciously and that you are a “master” of your time.
  4. You are a free man/woman, you decide what you do with your time.
  5. You are more relaxed (e.g. because of the fact that you do not overwork).
  6. You choose your values purposefully, they are a kind of signposts showing you how you should live.
  7. You manage yourself in time well (you have time for your family, friends, prayer etc.)

A few remarks connected with balance in life and overwhelming work.

  1. Everything has its price. If you have too much work, e.g. you work long hours, you do not have enough time for things important in life (family life, friends etc.)
  2. Nobody forces you to have your current work, it is your decision to stay there. Less work, more free time – it is simple. You can change your situation. It is your life. Maybe you will have less money for your car or a house, but do you think that you are born to maintain your things or maybe you are born to live happily?
  3. Less work does not have to mean worse life – it is a question of priorities. A lot of people say that “Work is for a man, not a man for work”.
  4. You are free when you choose what you are doing during a day.


We are living in the world where some people decide to work long hours, and it is their own choice. It is also your choice: deciding on priorities is very important. Balance in life helps in leading a wise life. Overwhelming work is sometimes a cause of diseases, family conflicts, stress etc. Everything has its price. Are you not overwhelmend by your work? If yes, try to change it. I wish you all the best. And remember, it is YOUR life, live wisely.

You can have “this” job if you dare to have it! (Career area – part 1.)

You can have a job of your dreams if you really dare to have it. You are a person who makes choices and your personal choice has its consequences. It’s worth thinking well before choosing your kind of studies, then you can work where you really want. When we are young we sometimes choose wrongly, but it’s always the time for changes.

The ideal situation is when we choose a job which gives us pleasure when we work. When we feel well doing some work, when we deal with things we like, then we are pleased with the quality of our life.

If you want something, try to do it; this idea is true in the case of your work. The job or the work you have chosen should have some kind of value for you. If you limit yourself, if you think that “this” or “that” job isn’t “obtainable” for you, don’t be surprised that you aren’t satisfied with your current job. Choose this what you really love doing.

How can you change your current career? What can you do to feel better? You can make a decision that you will plan your tasks leading to fruitful changes. And you can also imagine how you would feel doing your dream job. If you really dream about something, it can become a starting point in your better future.

You are here on Earth to experience abundance, but nothing will happen if you don’t do anything, everything has its price; you sometimes have to change your beliefs. Changing them is always possible. You can also decide that you will do anything that is necessary to fulfill your dreams.

You can dare to live in a better and happier way, it’s your life and your choices; you can decide to obtain some qualifications that you want to have. All is possible if you really need it.

You can become a “new person” like many people who did it in the past; you can be brave and self-confident – these personal qualities will help you a lot.

So, be brave and start todaymaybe from changing your beliefs! I wish you good luck.

Dariusz DareToLive Łukasik

THEY were able to do IT, so YOU can also do something similar! (Skills, personal strengths and talents – part 1)

Everyone dreams of being successful, of being an entrepreneur or having enough money to travel etc. It’s our natural need – we need to develop ourselves. Some people are brave enough to leave the comfort zone and get what they want.

In this post I will tell some things about three people: Neil Patel, Michał Szafrański and Marek Jankowski. But first I’ll list the reasons why I have chosen these people.

These reasons are, as follows:

1. They are experts in their field of activity.

2. They do great things – they help other people in achieving these people’s goals.

3. They believe in their potential to create better reality in their lives.

4. They can be role models for everyone who wants to develop and achieve success.

5. They are enthusiastic people who seem to enjoy their work.

6. Their content/educational materials (available on their websites) are of great value to their audience (e.g. entrepreneurs, marketers, ordinary people).

What do they do?

Neil Patel shares his knowledge and skills about things such as: content marketing, SEO, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, digital marketing, website traffic, blogging, etc – it’s impossible to list all these topics here –  you can check his playlists on YouTube:


Neil uses YouTube, Facebook, Instagram to share his educating materials. He does it in a simple, understandable way, so you can learn a lot from him. He seems to know well what he says about – now he has about 518,000 subscribers on YouTube. On his Instagram profile we can read: “Top 10 marketer by Forbes”. Don’t believe me – check his content.

Michał Szafrański – in my view one of the best people who educate on financial intelligence. He is an author of this bloghttps://jakoszczedzacpieniadze.pl/

He is an author of two books. The first one entitled “Finansowy ninja” (it’s in Polish, the English title would be “Financial Ninja”) was published by Michał in self-publishing and became a best-seller. Before publishing his first book Michał had been writing his posts on the mentioned blog.

If you want to know the topics and quality of Michał’s advice you can check his website.

Marek Jankowski – an author of his Mała Wielka Firma (in English: Small Great Company). It is “a podacst for entrepreneurs who want to develop themselves and their businesses” (as you can read on Marek’s website: https://malawielkafirma.pl/)

The podcasts are really professional and may be helpful if you are having your own business.

You can be educated for free by listening to the conversations with businesspeople (there are about 300 episodes).  The author invites entrepreneurs who share their experiences connected with their business life.

If you want to be well informed and inspired, check here: https://malawielkafirma.pl/odcinki/


I agree with James Altucher (the author of “Choose Yourself!” book) that currently you can create something that has a value and then you can ask people to pay you for your content.

If your material/content (e.g. a book, a course, etc) is good enough some people will pay you!

So it’s your choice – your can create something and make money from it. If such people like Neil Patel, Michał Szafrański and Marek Jankowski could make valuable content – why couldn’t you do something similar?

Start doing what you really love; do it now, don’t wait for better times! The best time is now!

Dariusz DareToLive Łukasik

Self-awareness – about Tasha Eurich’s article and some comments about self-awareness. (Self-awareness, part 1).

A few days ago I came across an article entitled Czym jest samoświadomość, jak i dlaczego warto ją rozwijać. (the author is Tasha Eurich). The title in English would be: What is self-awareness, how and why is it worth to develop it?”

You can find this article here:


Tasha Eurich is an organizational psychologist and executive coach. The subject of self-awareness seems to be interesting; I am writing this post to encourage you to read some articles about self-awareness (e.g. here: https://hbr.org/2018/01/what-self-awareness-really-is-and-how-to-cultivate-it or here: https://hbr.org/ideacast/2018/06/how-to-become-more-self-aware.html).

About research connected with self-awareness carried out by Tasha Eurich and her colleagues

In the mentioned article (I mean that in Polish: https://www.hbrp.pl/b/czym-jest-samoswiadomosc-jak-i-dlaczego-warto-ja-rozwijac-badania/P11TmGpJs

we can read about the following things:

  1. what are the advantages of self-awareness in a leager’s life (there are 10 advantages mentioned)
  2. the data about this particular research (10 separate tests have been used; nearly 5,000 participants were examined)
  3. the scope of this research (the following things were determined: what self-awareness is, why we need it and how we can expand it)

Why do we need self-awareness? (a few comments about this topic)

If we want to be better informed about some aspects of self-awareness we could find information about:

  1. What is self-awareness?
  2. How can we develop it?
  3. Why should we develop it?
  4. What are the advantages of self-awareness in our career and/or personal life?

Being self-aware is an interesting topic for these of us who want to get to know some knowledge about ourselves (e.g. our true aspirations, dreams, aims, beliefs etc). Being aware means being bravenot everyone wants to know the truth – it may turn out that we are not the people who we thought we were. Sometimes the truth is painful.

Nearly all of us want to be happy. We often set ambitious objectives, we make activity plans, we often want to be better, healthier, wiser etc.

Why do we want to develop? Are we certain of our true internal motivations? Do we know why we develop? Aren’t we rushing through our lives to achieve our goals? Are they our true goals? Are we really happy after achieving our goal? Are we looking for happiness in a proper way? Don’t we pay too much for our feeling of happiness?

We could make a list of such questions and try to answer them honestly. Becoming a self-aware person can be one of our most important things in our personal and career life.

I wish you all the best.

Dariusz DareToLive Łukasik

Why do I put God and faith first? (Spiritual area: part 1)

I have been a Catholic since my childhood. My Catholic faith is my foundation, a kind of basis for all other areas of development in my life.

What advantages do I have when God and faith are the most important?

1. Heaven is my destiny. I believe that my home is Heaven; I was created by God for enjoying eternal life, so what other thing or matter could worry me?

2. My life has a great value. My value comes from the fact that I am a God’s child.

3. God gives me all I need. Among these God’s gifts are: faith, hope, love, The Catholic Church, sacraments, Holy Mass, etc. What else could I need when I have these precious gifts?

4. I am a wealthy man regardless of the state of my belongings and assets.
My value does not depend on things.

5. My enjoyment comes from the possibility of giving something to other people. There are a lot of things that can be given: my time, money, advice, a good word etc.

6. My personal development in other areas (eg. emotional, relationships, financial etc.) is not as important as my spiritual growth.

To sum up, when I put God as first, all other things will be OK; nothing is more important than God and His will.

Dariusz DareToLive Łukasik

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Who am I and what content will I publish?

My name is Dariusz Łukasik. I am 47 years old and I have been married since 1999.

I am interested in personal development. Since 2010 I have been reading a lot of books, magazines and blog posts about personal growth.

I started my blogging adventure on 10. October 2017 when I started my first blog on Blogspot.

My first blogs were: https://changeyourmindandbecomesuccessful.blogspot.com (in Polish) and https://changeyourmind-english-version.blogspot.com (in English).

I wrote a lot of posts there and it was a pleasure to share what I had been discovering for many years.

The most important area of personal development is – in my case – spiritual growth. Because of that I put this area as first in my recent post presenting areas of personal development which will be covered on this blog. God is first in my life.

I am a Catholic and I love my Cathlolic Church.

I believe that I can help many people in discovering God’s love and care in their own lives. In the area of spiritual development I will share my personal experiences connected with faith.

I will probably write posts once a week or sometimes more than once.

I wish everyone who is reading this post a wonderful life, a life where continuous growth leads to better and happier experiences. Dare to live.

Dariusz DareToLive Łukasik

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton